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I am a Dutch Artist based in the Cotswolds in the UK.

My main interest and passion is drawing – I have always loved all aspects and uses of drawing.
When I arrived in the UK in 1990 from the Netherlands, I felt immediately inspired to make etchings because I could draw my images directly on a piece of waxed copper or zinc. Then, when the process was finished, I could produce multiple original prints of the same drawing. Some years later I adapted my drawing skills to the creation of collagraphs. This is a more direct process involving cutting the image straight into the cardboard plate. Linocut is another medium I enjoy where you get a completely different and distinctive result. I continue to experiment with different processes and I have also dabbled a bit with drypoint, monoprint and mixed media. But the one thing that unites all my work is an underlying fascination with drawing so you will see that I also had a lot of fun making original colour pencil drawings and pastels as well as pen and ink and watercolour pieces. Explanations of all the techniques above can be found by clicking on the menu above or on the links in this introduction.

I hope you enjoy my site and find it interesting. You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook. And, if you wish to buy any of my work, you will see most items are for sale.

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